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Our Story

Innovative + experienced

Jason_sign_webFounded in 2004, Integran Infrastructure Management has grown rapidly to meet the expanding needs of our client base.
Commencing as Natoli Town Planning in 1997, Integran evolved through the additional skills of highly competent town planning and design professionals from both private practice and government.

We have continued to develop our expertise and services so that Integran is now widely recognised as a leading advisor to developers, local governments and State Government Agencies. In 2005, Integran gained the status of being a preferred supplier to Queensland Local Governments through the Local Buy program operated by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and also has PCQ status with the Queensland State Government.

Since then, we have focused on a balanced approach to ensure that environmental, economic, social and governance considerations are all successfully addressed through project outcomes for our clients. We have also worked on building core capabilities in:

  • Spectrum Mapping™ – a project management approached developed by Integran to holistically manage the planning development process and to ensure a strategic approach to project task scheduling, cash flow and financial management, optimising development value and managing risk for both policy creation and its implementation.
  • Technology – development of GIS systems and database modelling applications to enable accurate data gathering for population and employment modelling, demand and charging models, cash flow and ROI models, trunk infrastructure planning, master plans, Priority Infrastructure Plans and Infrastructure Agreements. All part of putting more rigor and business practice into the policy development and implementation phases;
  • Continuing Professional development – enabling the sharing and development of a diverse range of skills and knowledge within the Integran team and using external specialists where required to bolster our knowledge;
  • Team development – defining and clarifying our values, professional goals, passion and teamwork strategies