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Simon Bentley

Senior Advisor

Simon-(3)_webSince joining Integran in 2005 Simon has been involved in numerous projects, dealing in the various facets of the planning process, such as issues surrounding urban development and infrastructure policy. Working closely with clients from both Private and Public Sectors has provided Simon with a well balanced understanding and appreciation for the issues faced by each party, ensuring a fair and reasonable outcome is achieved.

Simon is a highly experienced planner in the use of GIS and data analysis concerning infrastructure networks, demographics, infrastructure demand and charges including technical cost apportionment calculations. Simon has compiled over 40 networks of infrastructure and developed charges for a variety of large and small local governments throughout Queensland. His understanding of the complex interactions between infrastructure provision and land use planning and the mechanisms available for delivery of infrastructure in an efficient and equitable manner is valuable to the infrastructure charging regime projects.

More recently, Simon has been involved in the preparation of infrastructure agreements for private clients, including the execution of these agreements as infrastructure is rolled-out. Working closely with engineering and legal services, his provision of cash flow modelling and good understanding of the development and construction process provides an important role in the implementation of such agreements.