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Local Government

Integran intimately understands the key duties of Local Government to deliver services and manage growth within their communities.

We are much more than planning consultants as we develop a full suite of management tools, policy and statutory documents required by the Local Government Act and the Sustainable Planning Act. This means a whole of business approach including setting policy goals, putting in place the required operational mechanisms and importantly constructing the financial arrangements to make the visions a reality.

For example, we understand that the key objectives of Local Government Infrastructure Plans (LGIPs) and other planning processes are to ensure compliance with legislation and integration with planning schemes to ultimately build tomorrow’s communities in successful and sustainable ways.

As a Local Government executive, you can rely on our understanding of business, town planning, finance, engineering and asset management principles to achieve compliant outcomes for Priority Infrastructure Plans and other planning and policy requirements. We integrate pragmatic advice into this approach, ensuring that our local government clients achieve urban planning outcomes that are not only compliant but will work in reality.

Our passion is to create unilaterally beneficial outcomes for all parties where outstanding urban development projects are created and built and where profit, policy and compliance objectives are achieved. To partner with our clients so that together we create pragmatic solutions that work. To share our skills and experience so that together we work from a higher level of knowledge and understanding.

Services for Local Governments

Statutory Planning Documents

  • Planning Schemes preparation;
  • Planning Scheme Policies, Codes and guidelines;
  • Research, statistical analysis and preparation of supporting reports to the Planning Scheme;
  • Infrastructure planning, design and charging policies including Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) compliant Infrastructure Plans.
  • Preparation of General Policy and Advice;

Systems Improvement

  • Provision of GIS (Geographic Information System) data and systems to support administrative arrangements;
  • Training of officers in infrastructure management techniques and theories;
  • Brief preparation and project management of third party consultants; Business Management
  • Development and Training of integrated business systems into the business units of Council;
  • Mentoring and advice to senior managers and CEO’s;
  • Audits and Scoping reports for budgeting and services delivery;
  • Presentations of reports, projects, new legislation etc to elected representatives;
  • Creation of business cases to support projects and funding applications;