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Client Feedback


Integran delivered economical solutions on the integration of trunk infrastructure for our Rochedale development which contributed to the success of the project.  Their advice and guidance streamlined the work of our development team to meet Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities requirements and to focus our budget on essential infrastructure to enable project viability.



Integran have given Fairmont Group a key advantage in moving our Pine Rivers and Crest at Mango Hill Estates forward.  their intimate knowledge of the many changes in State Government and council planning and development requirements has enabled us to navigate the maze, particularly in respect to planning policies, infrastructure charges and capped regime.  This practical guidance has given us the confidence to make business decisions at every stage of our projects and to achieve considered outcomes that meet the needs of Fairmont, government and the market.



Integran assisted Investa to develop and negotiate a revised infrastructure agreement that is robust, meets council requirements and enables the commercial viability of Palmview, one of Queensland’s largest developments.  Their highly technical skill set has guided our multi-disciplinary team through a highly complex regulatory environment to renegotiate with council and utility providers for a win-win outcome.



Integran have delivered very useful guidance about infrastructure planning and charging for a number of FKP developments.  Our negotiations with various councils have been well supported by Integran’s in-depth understanding of council planning policies and their positive relationships and networks.



Integran supported infrastructure charges reform work undertaken by the then Department of Local Government and Planning as a technical advisor to the Infrastructure charges Task Force in 2010 and 2011.  their unbiased technical advice assisted task force members to better understand the varying council practices in infrastructure charging and to develop pragmatic solutions that would work uniformly across Queensland.  This advice was well supported by their knowledge of council assets and the linkages between land use planning, infrastructure provision and charging rates.  Integran’s timely and professional work on data analysis, modelling and developing charging methodologies assisted the task force whose advice to the Government of the day helped inform a more simplified, equitable and uniform approach to infrastructure charging. (Darren Crombie, Executive Director, Former Department of Local Government and Planning)



We have worked with Integran on various projects around 2006/07. In that time they pioneered both our original roads distribution model and our Stormwater distribution model for the Thuringowa Planning Scheme policy that was introduced in November 2007 for the collection of infrastructure contributions relating to transport and stormwater infrastructure contributions relating to transport and stormwater infrastructure contributions.  After the amalgamation of Townsville and Thuringowa in 2008 a draft priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) was set up for both the Thuringowa and Townsville Planning Scheme.  This PIP utilised the same roads distribution model developed by Integran with some refinements by council.  The model received accolades from the (then) Department of Local Government and Planning who considered it as an exemplar model. (Colin Phillips, Executive Manager Strategic Planning, Planning and Development, Townsville City Council) 



Integran was engaged by city of Gold Coast to undertake a comprehensive study that compared the City’s Infrastructure charges against a range of Queensland Councils.  This study included an in-depth analysis of varying development outcomes and charge implications along with a review of findings by a previous UDIA study, with the report and data being shared with participating councils, the LGAQ and the Queensland Government.  Integran managed the study and deliverables to a high professional standard.  This work provided city of Gold Coast Council certainty in relation to comparison of infrastructure charges across selected Queensland Councils, leading to a more productive relationship with local developers on infrastructure charges related matters.  (Peter Cramp, Coordinator Planning Transport Management, City of Gold Coast) 



Integran have delivered quality advice to Springfield Land Corporation over recent years, always on time and on budget.  Their technical expertise relating to the Queensland Government’s framework for infrastructure charges has assisted us to develop practical solutions to building specific purpose-built infrastructure with positive economic outcomes. (Russel Luhrs, Planning Director, Springfield Land Corporation) 


Integran have an uncanny knack to link the political and government environment to the development community knowing both work, to achieve the best outcome.  This ability has assisted Isaac Regional council to achieve significant progress in improvement of its governance of key infrastructure projects including residential housing estate, commercial land dealings, council and affordable housing and major infrastructure capital works.  Integran has also been called upon to assist council in directly briefing State Government Ministers on matters critical to the sustainability and management of development in the region. In doing so, they have delivered a full service across the spectrum of planning and infrastructure considerations, knowing exactly what strategy to employ across this spectrum and how, when and to whom they should be targeting across multiple agencies and commercial stakeholders.  Their knowledge of the industry is second to none, their facilitation of decision making at a board or political level is exceptional. (Terry Dodds, Chief Executive Officer, Isaac Regional Council)